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"Shuirika" is the final culmination of a series of threads /co/ had in which they described their various sexual fetishes design sensibilities to me, and I assembled the result. The bulk of the explanation of that can be found in:

A video of the drawing process (with dumb commentary).

Also: 1920x1080 in case Tumblr won’t do that. (It won’t). Because why not?

And here’s a post of all the prior images, explaining what the fuck this is.

For those not viewing the video, her name is basically my way of making a joke about her butt being the size of a watermelon. Yes, sometimes it’s a fruit, sometime’s it’s a vegetable. I don’t know. I’m not a science. I don’t do the big words. I make the big butt.

Damn plague, you are godlike

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