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Whoa hey whoa hey

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Here’s the new promo. I had to record it because I thought it was hilarious


Dark Souls 2/Berserk - Guts build.

Weapons: Dark Crypt Blacksword +5, Priest’s Chime (Not final, used for Resonant Weapon), Dark Pyromancy Flame +10, Mundane Avelyn +10
Rings: Ring of Blades +2, Chloranthy Ring +2, Third Dragon Ring, Southern Ritual Band +2
Armor: Desert Sorceress Top +10, Hexer’s Gloves (Waiting to upgrade), Mad Warrior Leggings +5
Other: Great Combustion, Resonant Weapon, Flame Swathe, Forbidden Sun, Throwing Knife, Heavy Bolts.

My first playthrough character (currently end NG+) so stats are all over the place and not refined for PvP or anything… my fuckaround character
Since there isn’t really Black Swordsman or Berserker looking armor this time around atleast that I’m happy with I went with how Guts looks in Vol.26. I can hit around about 900 per swing 2H R1. Feel free to ask any questions.


i laugh harder every time i replay it

(Fonte: weloveshortvideos)

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