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    Keepin it Cool (demo)

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The Mordecai and the Rigbys - Keeping it Cool

Hey everybody! Hope you enjoyed the episode. Here’s the demo of the song I wrote for “The Return of the Mordecai and the Rigbys”, Keeping it Cool. It’s kind of a Nirvana/Thin Lizzy/Journey/Cheap Trick power pop chimera. This is me on vocals, not JG.

Me (guitar), Sean (bass and guitar), Krandal (producing and solo), Marcus (keys) and Clinton (drums) spent a weekend and recorded a hi fidelity version of this. It was a blast playing it live!! It sounds way more professional and you can hear it a little bit in the episode when they’re practicing. There’s no vocals though.

Keeping it Cool pro version

B-B-B-BONUS! Demo of horrible Grunge song I also wrote.



Sometimes I dream about that AC, AC

Cold Waves flowing over, over me

Feelin’ Hot, maybe it’s a state of mind

Think cold to pass the pass the time

Snowmen and Snowstorms

There’s not much to it

Think things like, ice cubes

Igloos and fridges



K-k-k-keeping it cool x 2


Sometimes I dream about Ice Planet X

A distant planet way colder, colder than the rest

That’s where Lord Blizzord resides

Think about his kingdom to pass the pass the time

Ice-liths and Ice-henge

There’s not much to it

Getting blasted by ice rays by

Blizzard wizards ice druids



  • Track Name

    Keeping it cool

  • Album

    Regular Show

  • Artist

    Mordecai and the Rigbys


"Keeping it cool" from the episode "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys" …

It’s NOT an official version, it’s just a reconstruction made ​​with fragments of the episode… men, I need a official version *_* but now this is all that I have… is not perfect but well … sorry QwQ

I hope you like it

Food Chain - Writen, directed, and storyboarded by Masaaki Yuasa. 

(Fonte: ribly)







What. Just. Happened.

my cool musician oldest sister has this thing omfg

so that’s how you do it


no but these are really fun and easy to use :D there not as expensive as you would think either

(Fonte: just-a-skinny-boy)


Preview Time!

Adventure Time - Wake Up (short preview)

Whoa hey whoa hey

Alternate YT link


Here’s the new promo. I had to record it because I thought it was hilarious


Dark Souls 2/Berserk - Guts build.

Weapons: Dark Crypt Blacksword +5, Priest’s Chime (Not final, used for Resonant Weapon), Dark Pyromancy Flame +10, Mundane Avelyn +10
Rings: Ring of Blades +2, Chloranthy Ring +2, Third Dragon Ring, Southern Ritual Band +2
Armor: Desert Sorceress Top +10, Hexer’s Gloves (Waiting to upgrade), Mad Warrior Leggings +5
Other: Great Combustion, Resonant Weapon, Flame Swathe, Forbidden Sun, Throwing Knife, Heavy Bolts.

My first playthrough character (currently end NG+) so stats are all over the place and not refined for PvP or anything… my fuckaround character
Since there isn’t really Black Swordsman or Berserker looking armor this time around atleast that I’m happy with I went with how Guts looks in Vol.26. I can hit around about 900 per swing 2H R1. Feel free to ask any questions.

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